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Philomena Ott is the author of the following books. Please click the individual covers for further information.

how to detect and manage dyslexia

How to Detect and Manage Dyslexia is the definitive textbook for those involved with dyslexia, including parents, teachers and professionals.

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teaching children with dyslexia

Teaching Children with Dyslexia is essential reading and an invaluable resource. It gives an incisive account of the best ways to successfully tackle dyslexia and dyspraxia at home and in the classroom. It is informative, easy to follow and jam-packed with practical strategies for immediate implementation.

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how to manage spelling successfully

How to Manage Spelling Successfully demystifies the English spelling system effectively and includes advice on tackling the myriad spelling rules and conventions in a manageable form.

It is relevant to students across the age range, including adult learners.

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activities for successful spelling

Activities for Successful Spelling is a highly practical photocopiable workbook devised to help teach and develop an understanding of spelling. It follows a coherent programme that can be used to match the individual's current needs and to build confidence and skills.

It provides practice in using the spelling strategies and methods recommended in  How to Manage Spelling Successfully.

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