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Activities for Successful Spelling

The essential guide

About the book

This activity book can be used across the age range as a coherent programme to build pupils' spelling skills at home, school or college.

This is an essential resource for anyone helping struggling spellers, or for a 'whole school' spelling curriculum.

This excellent resource contains sections on:

  • How to manage phonics plainly and simply
  • How to manage syllables successfully
  • How to manage plurals painlessly
  • How to manage homophones happily
  • How to manage root words, prefixes and suffixes skilfully

This highly practical, photocopiable workbook is designed to help teach and develop an understanding of spelling. It provides practice in using the spelling strategies and methods recommended in its companion core text, How to Manage Spelling Successfully.

The activities, crossword puzzles, word searches and dictations are appropriate for use at different stages of development and can be chosen to match the individual's current skills.


  • Pupils in mainstream classrooms 'all maintained schools with primary aged pupils are required to teach phonics' (Rose Review).
  • Pupils undertaking additional literacy support in small groups with a teaching assistant.
  • One-to-one teaching of individuals with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia and dyspraxia.
  • Support and reinforcement by parents with homework.
  • English as a second langauge (ESL) students.
  • Adult basic literacy learners.

Book details
ISBN13: 978 0 415 38574 9
Pages  A4 404pp
Publisher Routledge


  1. How to manage synthetic phonics plainly and simply
    Checklist of 44 phonemes and keywords
    Short vowels and long vowels
    Checklist of consonant sounds and the different ways to spell these
    Synthetic phonics diagnostic and attainment test
  2. How to manage syllables successfully
    Revision and attainment tests
    The super sleuth's syllable challenge
  3. How to manage plurals painlessly
    Dictation tests for all ten rules of plurals
  4. How to manage homophones happily
    Revision tests
  5. How to manage root words, prefixes and suffixes skilfully
    Root words
    Checklist of useful Latin root words
    Checklist of useful Greek root words
    Checklist of useful Latin prefixes
    Checklist of useful Greek prefixes
    Checklist of useful Anglo-Saxon prefixes
    Checklist of useful Latin and French suffixes
    Checklist of useful Greek suffixes
    Checklist of useful Anglo-Saxon suffixes
    Affixes - revision and attainment test


'The Activities book will keep you in starters and lesson ideas, enabling you to structure and build on pupils' spelling skills.'
The Teacher, Journal of the National Union of Teachers (NUT)

'It is a practical resource, designed to help students develop an understanding of spelling. The instructions for delivering the lessons are easy to follow and could be used by parents, classroom assistants and teachers, as well as dyslexia specialists. A "Synthetic Phonics Diagnostic and Attainment Test" is included to identify a starting point for teaching, set targets and measure progress.

Top juniors and seniors enjoyed the variety of activities on syllables. Everyone found the drawings differentiating homophones very helpful. GCSE students used the prefix and suffix activites not only to improve their spelling but also to increase their vocabulary. I especially liked the encouragement for all students to proof-read their own work.

This is a versatile resource suitable for use with whole class, small groups or one-to-one. The range of activities makes it appropriate for children or adults seeking to improve their literacy skills, those with specific difficulties or those with English as a second language.'

Jeanette Moss, Teacher, Kip McGrath Education Centre, in Dyslexia Contact, British Dyslexia Association